• Senza Nume

We will be ok

We will all be ok

I can see the pain in your soul, I care

I don’t know you well but I’ll take your pain we can share.

Loving so deeply and without conditions is so risky,

Navigating my own emotions alone very tricky.

I acknowledge you whoever you are

for the story you don’t want to share.

I know it hurts

I want you to know that, I care

I feel your pain and also your hope for a brighter day tomorrow

acknowledge pain in each other, create opportunity, change is sure to follow

Humanize the homeless

Acknowledge each life

Treat every woman

Like your own daughter or wife

Listen to little boys

Overwhelmed with emotion

Salty streams of tears like we find in our oceans

Save our planet and all of humanity

Men and women rise

be who you intended to be

When you were younger and so very naive

Never lose the hope, dream, fantasy

Be free from pain for a moment

Enjoy the breeze

Admire the trees

Stop and smell the roses

Try not to dwell as they say

One door closes five more open

I promise you friend love is real

A bigger love than romantic

A stronger deeper understanding

A pure and innocent love

Like a father and son

Or a mother and daughter

Feel it for everyone

Forgive me for taking

What was never mine at all

Expecting the comeback

To be greater than the fall

What’s comes down

Will rise up again

Be so patient with the broken

Acknowledge them please

They need us so much more

Than is clear to see

We all have the power to

Instigate change

I pray god for willingness

Nothing remains the same

Finding comfort in discomfort

And strength in my pain

Patience through thunder

Love the sun love the rain

It all comes together

Like we could never predict

Now is the time for our energy shift

We will be ok

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