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Under Pressure and Exhausted

Have you ever been hunted? Could you even begin to imagine what it might feel like to be hunted?

In a modern world with cameras, camera phones, internet, and countless other ways to stay connected at a moments notice information can be passed almost instantly. this is our strength as well as our weakness.

If you are trying to locate a person there are many ways to go about the process. Social media posts, location tagging, dropping a pin... we are easily tracked in our daily lives and for most people it is a bigger asset than concern, until you become the target.

It is not realistic to have the expectation of reaching goals or otherwise being successful in business or any endeavor if you do not have access to a cell phone or other electronic device. Technology keeps us alive.

It is common for people to blame things on big tech... fraud is one of the largest issues we face as a country and if it is not addressed the concerns we currently face will snowball out of control until the standard currency system we have used until this point will be completely useless.

If you want to know how to commit fraudulent activities, just google a bit and add you own intelligence... i'm sure you can come up with something.

Banking activities are completely online for the most part. In person banking facilities are being replaced with entirely digital lobbies and institutions, Robots and tech are not taking our jobs they are saving our lives.

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