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Turn up the bass turn down the noise = A Merciful Storm

The Hip Hop community shapes the way its listeners perceive the world.

Artists from all over the world reach listeners and have a very unique opportunity to share their voice.

Kids look up to rappers, adults look up to rappers, everyone idolizes entertainers and aspires to be like them.

Who doesn't want the money, the bad bitches, the cars, the fame... I know I do, but lets not forget about the other important intangible things that we should all be striving for like HAPPINESS.

Being born into poverty, drug deals, thug life... these are REAL circumstances that many artists use to inspire the music they make. Tell your story in the way that works best for you.

Love the creative process, embrace it and make it your own.

Use your platform to find the light and let it inspire the same greatness in you. Balance in music should be the goal. To write songs about growth. To teach the admirers and followers of the world to strive for greatness.

EVOLUTION in music. What is one thing all the greats have in common... they grow in their craft. Their music speaks to something bigger than the guns and drugs.

When we are blessed we must bless others.

Never forget the things that built the boss,

but GLOW UP and lead by example. Teach the audience that supports your greatness how to rise up with you.

I admire every performer I have ever seen because getting up on that stage, subjecting yourself to the bullshit that comes along with taking a risk publicly, that shit isn't really discussed and it should be.

Turn up the bass Turn down the noise, means listen to your heart and ignore shit that doesn't apply.

When you put heart into your music and take the heat that comes along with that i'm inspired.

When you write pain and share struggle -i'm inspired I love that shit.

Choosing to shine no matter what the fuck a hater has to say is THE move.

HipHop I love you to death and I owe you my life, I hope to provoke thought in my idols and my rivals the same way the greats have done in me.

The new HipHop generation has a lot of heavy hitters.

You guys have a HUGE responsbility to the fans and the world.

Make sure music can incorporate the voice of so many inspirational LEGENDS that all share common messages about overcoming adversities, never giving up, and giving back.

Artists like Kanye and Jay-Z, Common, Chance the Rapper, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Logic, Jada, Common, Shad, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Outkast... the list goes on...

Speak truth and balance in your music.

I look at my son and the shit he is listening to, I want him to live and thrive and learn from his idols in music. I would imagine every artist has the same wishes for their children and if that is going to happen we need to use the voice of music to inspire.

I love everyone doing their thing and wish continued success for all.

We gotta make sure we teach our kids about REAL LIFE GROWTH in our music and that we create songs that do more than glorify guns and thug shit.

Don't silence your voice let it EVOLVE as you grow.

Please comment your thoughts, share this post, and add artists that inspire you.


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