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Their game is to create imitation scenarios, when things are hot they call them “simulations” (bait)

“Trap” the victim

Is when you get a small amount of convincing evidence, typically used completely out of context, audio/video/even a well placed pair of fingerprints to be copied.

The evidence is then combined with other real or fake evidence to be presented to a “judge or jury.”

It is almost impossible to verify context in many of these situations.

Audio/video/and “studio/editing” work has never been more accessible or understood.


It cost $30 to order an audio video pen on Amazon.

It looks like a regular writing utensil but is secretly recording you.

From any number of recordings taken from the asset/target you are able to reconstruct them in a way that tells any story you decide, in the voice of whomever you’ve chosen.

Now in order to get the storyline you want you have to be aware of “cross contamination” as they commonly refer to it. “Isolation” This means the target or asset should have as little communication as possible with others bc if something happens or information is shared that doesn’t support the manufactured story line there is now additional liability in the manufactured storyline being discredited.

These situations cause the victim to feel a mix of emotions. 🎢🎢🎢🛼






Gas light fog (questioning reality, is this real???)



Terror occasionally but that is easily over come bc the ghost/Angel/nameless human attending to the needs of the “assets” use a distraction method or soothing method.

They are creating the illusion of safety from this terrible, horrifying, situation that may or may not exist but that 100% is real for the victim.

Remember reality is perspective.

Imagine yourself being isolated…

Your phone says messages and calls are going out but you are not getting any responses.

This happens gradually over a period of 1-2 years or more for total isolation.

You begin to wonder what’s wrong with you.

What did I do to suddenly make all of my family and friends hate me?

Many of the outgoing calls are being diverted. They are being rerouted to other numbers or in other cases just not going through due to network interference.

the target or “asset” as previously referred to, is not to blame for any of the confusion or abuse they are being subjected to.

When someone goes through enough trouble to manipulate your external circumstances causing the target to truly believe they are unsafe unless compliant- our brains begin to handle things differently.

You move from a state of logic to a state of survival.

It’s easy to say “there must have been another choice” but the truth is no matter what path the target chooses, we have explored them all:

Everyone is wearing multiple masks or hats of responsibility, some(most) of them with conflicting interests. It’s an emotional MARATHON. I’ve been working on this project for years and I sometimes begin to lose hope in finding a way off this merry go round, so far I’ve tried pretty much everything:

🛌 sleep/ exhaustion 3-4 days at a time

💪🏻🏋️‍♀️ lifting weights or other workouts at the gym (my therapy seems to be taking more energy than I emotionally have available these days)

▫️Staying indoors and seeking employment online

🔺🔻🔺Seeking employment in person by filling out applications

🔳Word of mouth employment opportunities

🔹Engaging in illicit behavior

🟡pretending none of this was happening

🔕calling the police/ submitting whistle blower info about any situation I saw that was life threatening or sexually exploitative

🔘moving out of state, driving door dash, selling renewable energy/ telemarketing hovey electricity ♦️bartending at cafe Oliva, marketing services, personal training, cleaning, home health services.

On top of that I have called every social services resource that I could find numerous times and not received any access to resources.

If my faith in god were not so strong I don’t think I would have made it through half of this. Faith keeps me going.

The “simulation” of a crime being committed or a predatory situation is an invaluable tool in training, response, and identifying these types of situations, however the subject needs to be given time to recover and extra considerations for energy spent while in one of these “simulations”

Unless the goal is and always has been tormenting the subject into a severe state of confusion so that they are unlikely to recall details of the events in which case this would be more like a kidnapping.

There is an intentional withholding of free will that causes mental fog and severe confusion.

It’s not impossible to recall past the fog with rest and intention. The victim is commonly tortured with various antagonists for hours at a time, light, loud noises like drums or gun shots or fire works a lot of them at a time when it would be unexpected for prolonged periods of time.

Only 8 people have been able to verbalize the details of what they went through although they were unable to recall the names of anyone they interacted with during the time they’ve been held were fake/ identities were being masked, altered, changing frequently or all of the above.

The 8 survivors are still under control of the entity and we are not entirely sure what else can be done to resolve.

The businesses are mostly destroyed

No upkeep for a long periods

Criminal Justice is virtually non-existent


Heather G

Thank you for the opportunity to help, I feel exhausted and I miss my family very much.

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