• Senza Nume

Thank you Natalia and family

This man had the audacity to break my frozen foods and pour hair water into my potatoes. The vibe is not conducive to success or prosperity.

My soul rejects the energy.

Time to go.

I‘m so grateful.

I feel. You might be a nice girl but that’s not what I feel from you.

I’ll call her Grace.

I am so grateful but damn. I’m still on day 11 of my 14 day quarantine. Where am I going?

Natalia says that I can sleep over!

Thank god ❣️

Natalia sleeps over at her boyfriends most nights and she says I can spend the night in her room. I wake up the next morning to her bright and smiley face and she says, “I have good news and bad news. There’s a boot on your car, but my mom said you can stay here until next week.”

I try to blink back the tears. I’m so exhausted after the weird hair potato situation at TCs house. Can I handle anymore at this point?

After like less than a minute and under 10 tears I pull it together and start mentally listing the reasons I have to be grateful.

I am alive

I am healthy

My children are safe and healthy

I just returned from a beautiful road trip

I have a car to be booted.

My friend said I can stay here for a week and regroup

I am so grateful for my healing

Natalia’s family was so kind and I am so grateful for all of them letting me stay here. I even got to work a day with Natalia’s cleaning service, Natty’s Spotless Space, power washing boats in a harbor in Hammond.

Natalia also does esthetics and she took her new Galvanic and High Frequency machines for a test drive on my face! I don’t mind being a facial model! I am so grateful for this opportunity to rest and feel pampered and to help my friend practice with her new machine! The energy here is so much safer than there. It is energy for breathing in and I am so grateful to have been able to share it with them. So much love ❤️

Also had two super weird guy connections over the last two weeks. What is wrong with these clowns?! I can’t even afford to give it anymore energy than saying that.

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