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Sending Love to Leslie



Strength is not definable by a single word or even a single idea. If there was ever a person who embodies what I think of when I think of the word strength, it is you Leslie.

No matter what’s going on in your life or with your health you are always an amazing mother, friend, and support to your children.

You work harder than anyone I know. Nothing can stop you. Cancer hasn’t stood a chance with you as it’s adversary. At my lowest point of life, terrified of the world, with nothing to offer, you opened your doors, your heart, and your home to me. You always let me raid your candy drawer and made me feel safe and welcomed when I needed it most.

I will forever be so grateful.

Your positive attitude and relentlessness are so inspiring and set such a positive example for your girls.

Your loyalty to your customers and to your work is unmatchable.

Even going through chemo you stay submerged in your duties and finish everything you promise to finish for all of your clients, who are so lucky to have you.

You are an irreplaceable person and your contribution to the world is so beautiful.

Sending you healing love and all the good vibes in the world!



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