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Musical therapy can be found in all genres of music.

Switch it up on em to get through.

Balance yourself always even in music.

Throw on some gangster rap when you feel like you need to be stronger.

Throw on some softer shit when you need to be softer.

When heading into work at a job you NEED but dont like, you might pick a track like "I get the bag" by Gucci.

When gearing up to fight for something you believe in you might throw on a track like "War" by Drake.

Whatever mood you are in music can be crucial in getting you through the bs.

Prison is a nasty place for the incarcerated and their loved ones who are blessed enough to find the time, energy, and resources to make the trip and show love/support their person.

Visits are stressful and the inmate isn't the only one subject to the invasive searches, cruel staff, and cold environments. The visitor can be treated super bogusly and more times than not if the visitor gets out of pocket the inmate could be targeted and suffer 'payback' from the staff for days/weeks/months making the stay that much more inhumane and intolerable.

Music can help gear you up for that and bring you peace leading up to the visit, it can also put a chip on your shoulder and give you an attitude that will affect life on the inside for your person in ways most people don't understand.

Statesville Prison is located in Joliet IL a suburb of Chicago and home to all kinds of "offenders" some innocent some guilty.

Some of the staff are cool, but most of them are just humans dealing with shit of their own from their personal lives. They work long hours and haven't been given enough training to give them the tools needed to make prison anything other than unbearable.

They create hate and resentment in inmates and their visitors.

If you are lucky enough to meet an employee from the staff that treats you with respect make it a 2 way street and be grateful af because the majority are assholes driven by self interest and the need for money just like you and me.

I've been through the shit, and its unfair and cruel but so is life sometimes.

To cope with the hate, the borderline sexual harassments during searches, and pain of leaving a loved one try not to engage with the haters get through the "check in check out" by staying calm and lowkey.

Get back in the car and TURN UP the bass to turn down their noise.

Create a dope ass playlist and focus on the blessing that you were able to hug, speak with, and be there for your person. That visit means a lot to these guys.

The playlist is always changing, but here go some BANGERS mixed with hope to add for your next visit to any prison:

Please feel free to add/comment/like this post if you can see where were coming from on this.

Already Taken by Trey Songz,

The Matrimony by Wale,

Tap by NAV ft Meek Mills,

Best I ever had by Drake,

Diamonds Dancing by Future,

Smoking Gun by Jadakiss,

Changes by Tupac,

Juicy by Biggie,

Steady Mobbin by Wayne,

Bake Sale by Wiz Khalifa,

Apeshit by The Carters,

Never Recover by Lil Baby & Gunna feat Drake,

Poetic Justice by Kendrick Lamar,

Sir by Niki Mina feat Future,

Lost Ones by Lauren Hill

It Was A Good Day by Ice Cube

Shook Ones Part ll by Mobb Deep

The list goes on and on this is just to get your started

OH and PLEASE!!!!

*$*Don't forget to throw a couple up and comers on your list and drop a post/check-in/tag your favorite artist on social media when you roll up.

Support the artists that get you through the hard times and the best times and remind ever body who has a loved one in the system to go hard, show up, and show love for their person.

"We need to change the system man this shit crazy

Show up for the homies bro don't be lazy

They throw em in a box can't reach the key

Enough to bring the hardest gangsta to his knees"

<3 Love

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