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Old system concerns... I want to learn more please share your perspective!

Systemic concerns

Criminal Justice

Rape. murder, child crimes - considered particularly heinous by the majority. Why are we ignoring this. Why are we allowing allegations like these to go unaddressed?

It is unfair and illogical to continue to operate a system that can put you away for significantly longer than another person, having committed the same crimes.

The social inequalities that we experience are causal to the crimes committed in many cases.

No one is starving because they chose to be. Generations of poverty, abuse, lack, and trauma have physical, chemical, and mental effects.

We must remove the old programming to reprogram.

The use of confidential informants is also completely unreliable, unethical, and dangerous.

The prison system is run by untrained staff.

There is no objective policy. Everything is open to interpretation and offenders never know if a behavior that is accepted by one officer will be accepted in the same way with another.

There are racist and power crazy officers who literally terrorize a population of already extremely vulnerable people that are in desperate need of rehabilitative services, not additional traumas inflicted upon them.

Also mental health just like every other ailment is a spectrum. The police need to be trained for this. It is unlawful and unethical to detain someone for simply existing with a mental health illness.


The healthcare system is incredibly flawed. So flawed that ethical standards are being negatively impacted. Doctors are working on rigid time frames to fit in enough patients to meet the unrealistic quotas demanded by corporate owners.

Complex diagnoses are being treated in a way that is extremely stressful for the doctors and the hospital staff because they are operating as businesses and being compensated per patient seen rather than how well/ thoroughly they are able to diagnose and treat the patient.

There is no one to blame in particular for any of these problems. I think we all just get caught up in what's “normal” and now is the time to start asking if “normal” is what's best.

Doctors are pre biased when considering things like health insurance reimbursement and either chose not to accept public aid patients at all or provide a different level of care due to needing to cram two or three into one appointment slot to ensure equal reimbursement to one private insurance patient.

I think insurance and healthcare should be so separate that the medical staff has no idea what insurance the patient has. Like the Chinese wall in banking/business, the front and back end offices should be completely separate.


Why are children in low poverty areas receiving less per student in funding than the children in affluent areas? Is this not completely backwards? Should it not be clear that those with less access to resources who are more in need, receive more funding or at the very least equal funding?

Why are there children who are afraid to walk to school?

Why are there children who live in fear of police officers?

Why is there a single child without access to the internet? Why is the internet not free for people with financial limitations? Is it not our right to access information? How can people who are denied the ability to access this information be held accountable for knowing?

Why are there still differences in the amount a person is paid that are biased on their gender or minority status?

Sometimes we don't realize when we push back our boundaries one tiny step, years of tiny steps add up and we end up traveling a great distance from where we once stood. Being human and treating people with respect and decency is essential.

The problems we have on our hands today cannot be corrected with a bandage of amendments to additional policies and laws.

The world we live in today is completely different than the one in existence long ago when those policies were written and humanity has evolved.

Real history needs to be shared, examined, and taken into account when considering our current problems/vulnerabilities and this information needs to be shared from all perspectives in a safe place for people to be vulnerable.

The conversations that no one wants to have need to be had.

The only way to solve the problems is by first identifying them from various perspectives.

I am sharing my thoughts and opinions in an effort to open dialogue on solutions.

No one should be standing on anyone’s neck.

People have fallen behind because they’ve been pushed behind and we, as a society need to stop dead in our tracks, turn around, and extend our hands.

We can all win.

No one needs to suffer including our planet.

Can we get some investor groups to make solar farms, can we have all large businesses especially amazon and other physically large factory businesses utilize solar paneling on their rooftops?

Immigrants are people. Why are they being held in cages all around our country and where are the 1500 immigrant children who have gone missing?

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