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Mothers Day

It is mothers day 2020.

I am grateful but it still hurts. So bad.

It's Sunday, May 10. I haven't seen my children since December 2019 when they were taken from me. The things that I went through in the last 6 months have made me question everything I have ever known to be true about the world.

What matters, what doesn't, does any one do the right thing... does it even matter?

I want them back.

I want my life back.

I want my home back.

I sit here in my friends living room on this chilly mothers day afternoon as the News Headlines remind me of how blessed I truly am. I have been mishandled by the ones you shouldn't have to fear being mishandled by. I have been tricked and treated and made a fool of by the ones closest to me... thank god.

I know I'm going... I am on my way... the universe has been preparing me for this my entire life. Witness to so many injustices, too many to count really. What should I do with these things I see in my mind replaying over and over and over should I shove them down and bury them or should I speak about them and try to make a difference?

Either option will be exhausting but one has the potential to impact the world.


Am I doing too much or maybe just not enough

I feel my body getting stronger

I can do more

sometimes I am tired

aren't we all

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