• Senza Nume

Mental health maintenance Sanctuary

Sanctuary, minimalistic with plants everywhere that will be maintained by the residents. no personal items are permitted inside of the sanctuary.

Everyone is a visitor. Duration of stay is completely open to each visitors discretion. Everyone is free to come and go as they please.

All white and accented in gold and TONS of plants everywhere. Orchids throughout.


Clean, fresh, sleek storage compartments for personal items that can be picked up upon exiting the building.

Heavy greenery mostly self-sustaining (renewable energy, solar farm, harvest fruits and vegetables in house for use and sale, talking freely and socializing is encouraged however each person has a "pod" where they can be alone with their thoughts if they so chose.

Pods have lights like the phillips hue for example offering visitors their choice of light and sound for ambiance and setting a vibe thats unique to what you need.

There are small gardens with ponds and mostly self sustaining ecosystems throughout with pathways to walk throughout.

The concept of the campaign is that we are human beings, each living a very unique life path and facing challenges and stress every day. For many people, speaking with a therapist has been the most effective method of resolution. Turning inward is equally if not more effective, in my opinion and experience in the treatment of burn out, exhaustion, overload, and just in general in dealing with the INSTENSE stress we face in the world today.

No one knows you better than yourself right? That is the way it should be, however it is a highly common thing to come into contact with people who do not know themselves and forget they even are a self. Spread too thin, burning the candle at both ends so to speak.

There are not classes, there are not group sharing sessions, this is truly a place for self reflection and healing. This place is where you come to awaken.

This is a mental health maintenance sanctuary. and not meant to be used in place of an existing mental health plan. This is a recharge and reflect station. Reasonably priced. Only the maintenance cost will be considered in the per night cost. The project should be covered by each major health insurance plan a fair number of days or possibly covered by employers or both. A reasonable number would be 7 days a year APART from any sick/vacation time. Employers need to take the mental health and wellbeing of their employees into serious consideration.

We have a responsibility to offer the opportunity heal and maintain better emotional health which leads to improved health overall. This is not something that is forced on a person it needs to be a necessary yet highly DESIREABLE experience the people will absolutely LOVE disconnecting and the results regarding prevention of burnout etc are absolutely provable and valid.

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