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Good Sales Only Please


It doesn't matter what you are selling, sell with integrity.

A code of ethics for entering the salesforce.

All of my sincerest apologies to anyone who has been affected negatively by an endorsement I've made on any product/person/or service that I did not research enough before selling.

I want you to know that I wish NO malice on ANY PERSON EVER, if I have misguided or misinformed anyone ever it was completely unintentional and I am so so so sorry.

From the bottom of my heart and soul I promise to do better.

In the past I have been very generous with my energy, trust, and loyalty and it has caused me tremendous pain and hardship. I am sorry for not knowing. I am sorry for being weak. I am sorry for being afraid.

I am not afraid anymore.

Love you guys so much and I hope this piece brings value in some capacity. <3

GoodSalesOnly from here until its over.

I hope this post will enlighten new and aspiring sales professionals, and serve as a humble reminder to the veterans.


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Pick a side!

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Secure the bag$

The ability to make a sale, close a deal, or influence a purchase is an integral part of life.

It doesn’t really matter what life path you’ve chosen, we are all salesmen in some regard.

From the stay at home mother who has to sell the idea that vegetables are tasty to her stubborn three year old, to the investment banker who has to sell his investors on an idea, product, or service.

In many ways we are even selling ourselves. Have you ever gone for a promotion or raise and had to prepare a speech to your superiors? You outline all of the work you have successfully completed and discuss why you are an asset and deserving of that raise...there you go making a sale.

This blog post is composed of information, thoughts, and considerations I would have benefited from tremendously when I took my first sales position.

I hope they can be helpful to someone else in some way.


What is a good sale?

A good sale is more than an action, delivery, or presentation.

Good sales start with integrity.

The integrity of the product, message, or service and the integrity of the information being exchanged in the sale are equally important.

Let’s start by understanding what integrity is mother fuckers. (I dropped in some vulgarity for a more accurate and authentic articulation as well as just to throw some razzle dazzle on it.)

Since integrity is the main takeaway let’s familiarize ourselves with the meaning of integrity (keeping it real).




To summarize the definition of integrity as it applies to your sale, if the product is no good, going to fuck someone over, a lie, or a scam, you should NOT sell it. It is lacking in integrity.

I’ll offer perspective:

If you went to the market and bought a nice steak and came home and unwrapped it only to find out the butcher gave you a burger instead AND charged you double, that would be the last time you trust that butcher- for a while at least. You would unwrap the package and check it twice every time you went shopping, would you not?

Now what if you found out later that it wasn’t a mistake, but a plan to deceive you. The butcher’s plan was premeditated and his actions were calculated at your expense.

This exchange would be an example of a sale that is lacking integrity.

Not only did he switch your order for a cheaper one, he also charged you double.

Bad Sale.

Fuck these kinds of sales.

Ok cool… Understanding that any good sale begins with integrity is the beginning. Now I am going to break down the importance of “picking a side”.

Pick a side!

I'm using the phrase pick a side to say, find a cause to dedicate yourself to (or causes).

To effectively pick a side, ask yourself the following:

What is important to me?

What do I enjoy doing in my free time?

Is there any way to incorporate a genuine passion or interest into my work?

What products, services, or ideas do I believe in?

Now, make a list of “Good Sales” products and industries that you feel confident stamping your seal of approval on.

If I love fitness I might consider selling supplements, or fitness apparel, figure out what you like and then start researching.

Working in sales is fun and rewarding when you believe in what you are selling.

Not only are you offered a ton of flexibility and opportunity for freelance and self managed positions, you also get paid commission in most cases which is dope ( and the way it should be in more industries in my opinion).

A commission is when you get paid per deal you close, or per product you sell. Having a substantial financial incentive to perform well is highly motivating.

Everyone wants/needs to earn money to survive. Having the expectation of pay based on performance keeps a person hungry and going hard for the cause.

Once you know what industry you want to focus on you can educate yourself on the products available in that industry.

Always go back to integrity.

If you wouldn’t want to be a customer of the product yourself, given the circumstances were conducive, it’s probably better to keep looking for something else to sell.

Let the product sell itself to you first.

No one can sell something better than a person who truly believes in the product.

When you love the product and the sales process, your passion manifests irreplicable confidence.

As a person looking for a product to sell, be aware that not everyone is using integrity in their sales practice. At the risk of sounding naive, you may be surprised to discover how many people are selling products they know nothing about, know are garbage, or that they would never stand behind if there was no monetary incentive.

Don’t be one of those people.

Climbing the ladder to success by creating misfortune in others is immoral, unethical, and wrong. Unfortunately it isn’t exactly uncommon.

It’s super simple but not always as obvious as you think, especially in the beginning of a partnership.

Beware that bad sales do exist and choose not to be a part of their success.

Reference your list of “Good Sales” products and offer yourself to them as an instrument in their success.

Sell yourself on your cause and sell yourself with your cause.

Supporting greatness is integrity. There are so many amazing entrepreneurs and creators in the world who have amazing products for sale. Products that carry life changing potential for the right buyer.

Connect buyers with products and services that will enhance their lives and your own life will be enhanced as a residual effect.

Be a hero not a villain.

Be a liason rather than a “salesman”.

Secure the bag$

I have observed hundreds and thousands of business transactions in various fields and consumed hundreds of hours of marketing and sales content on social media, but I am not claiming to be a wizard.

I’m sharing my experience and the lessons I have learned along my way.

I have existed as a person who was more concerned with money than ethics and I have also been the person who has refused to take part in immoral sales regardless of the payoff I was promised.

If you are reading to learn you are succeeding, if you are reading for perspective, you are winning, consuming information with the intention of bettering yourself is a win any way you look at it however it is not enough to only consume this information, you also have to apply it to your life and your business practice for effectiveness.

There are tons of shortcuts and unsavory methods for succeeding in pushy, high-stress, sales, and a lot of them will work in the short term. Have enough respect for yourself to see the big picture. Think in terms of long term growth and sustainability.

There are ways to manipulate a person into buying, and this is NOT that. To better protect yourself from causing unintentional harm or making uninformed sales, DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK!!!! I cannot stress this enough, and although it may be intimidating or like you are appearing distrustful of your superiors, never rely on anyone to provide you with the knowledge you need to protect yourself. Find out the facts from multiple sources. Please Please Please, do your homework.

What do I mean by “doing your homework”? I am so glad you asked…

  1. Product Knowledge

You should know your product inside and out. I mean without marketing materials you should KNOW, have it carved into your memory.

Product details, rates, exclusions, and any other pertinent information that a consumer would need in order to make an educated decision on the purchase.

I know it sounds basic, but please believe me when I say this will make ALL the difference in the world.

Imagine spending a month with a customer to close a deal, the day of the close the customer tells you that they found out online some of the details were off, even slightly. It could be totally innocent in nature. An oversight or small mistake on your part. As a result they lose trust in you completely and withdraw