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GO GREEN (just do your best)

We all know about the effects of pollution and that there is a need to do better as a collective when it comes to saving the planet.

While working as a renewable energy consultant I was able to get a good idea of how important it is for us to take action sooner than later.

Making the necessary changes is not an overnight process.

Everything in perpetuity, like Gary Vee says.

Solar Panels are a fantastic option for many people, but for another demographic it just isn't possible. It could be the cost, or maybe the pitch of the roof is not right... regardless there are many smaller changes we can all make to do our part in using less energy or using it more responsibly.

Unplugging Appliances and Turning off lights!

I am the biggest culprit of leaving a room and forgetting to turn off the lights. Writing little reminders on post it notes and putting them up near the light switches can help with that. Another thing I forget sometimes is to turn off the coffee maker and other appliances like toasters and microwaves when I am not using them. Simple habitual changes that we can make by setting the intention, not being too hard on ourselves for forgetting occasionally, and doing our best to evolve our current habits into newer, better, stronger, and more responsible ones.

Recycling old bags and choosing paper bags or reusable bags whenever possible!

Old bags from the store are the perfect size for smaller garbage cans, packing lunches, even storing things like holiday decorations.

Taking advantage of the sun!

Solar energy is amazing! I recently stayed in a beautiful air bnb that had small nightlights on every windowsill. They were solar powered and collected energy from the sun all day so that at night time when illuminated, larger overhead lights could be kept off and the solar lights worked in their place. These are perfect for going up the stairs, kids rooms, literally anywhere! They also make similar solar powered outdoor lighting. Light your gardens and the entry ways to your house without having to worry about plugs or replacing batteries!

Car Pool! (self explanatory)

These are just a few simple changes that we can make to ensure we are doing our part and working together in healing the environment that we have neglected for so long.

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