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My name is Heather Gillespie. I’m an aspiring social media influencer. I currently have over 14k followers and I get 2k-2.5k views on each of my story posts.

Over the past several years I have spent my time studying people, business growth and development, and marketing.

I have successfully contributed to the growth of multiple social media accounts to over 10k followers in various niches.

As the world evolves, with technology advancing everyday, we face new challenges that present very exciting opportunities.

Social media has opened doors and given a voice to anyone who chooses to share their opinions and perspective. Affiliate marketing collaborations are an incredible, cost effective option for connecting brand to consumer.

Bloggers, vloggers, content creators, and product reviewers are sharing honest experiences, both positive and negative, that will undoubtedly impact the market and influence consumers.

As we re-emerge from our post-pandemic isolation it is up to us to plan and execute a successful re-opening, embrace the changes we are facing, and use them as a catalyst for growth and success in our endeavors.

To assist in this process, I would like to use the following I currently have to feature and promote businesses, their staff, services, and products.

I am accepting 100 business in each major city to visit, interview, and promote for free! Each business will be given the opportunity to chose a spokesperson to give a fun, informal, and honest description of exactly what you have to offer.

I will publish the article to my blog, and post some promotional photos/ video clips that will be posted to both my Instagram (page and story) as well as my blog.

There will be no bashing or hating of any kind permitted. Instead the promo will be an empowering synopsis of your business overview, and any other pertinent information you chose to disclose during the interview. Discussing your background or sharing adversity faced along your journey allows consumers to connect and relate in ways that more traditional marketing outlets simply cannot.

My intentions with this project are to:

  1. Help local businesses gain attention and momentum coming out of the pandemic.

  2. Connect consumers to business directly and personally forming loyal and lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial.

  3. Discover and highlight businesses doing their part in rebuilding our communities.

We can all live in abundance. There is enough for all, it’s time to come together and truly thrive.

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