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Well the pandemic surely changed things in my life. I am 100% sure that many of you can relate to that.

To get you up to speed, I have been reconstructing my entire life from the ground up. Pre pandemic I was very focused on creating my life as a performer/entertainer. I typically was only focused on administration and administrative jobs because I felt like I needed to put my college career to work for me (as I currently sit in debt from loans to fund my education). I had some adversities and ended up a victim. I was shook, I quit my admin life and fell into a newfound career path in modeling and marketing sexy content. I started developing an interest in doing more. We all become unaware of how far things have gone when we are in the moment. (Literally inside of the moment) I suffered significant abuse in a relatively short period of time that changed my life and direction entirely.

Fitness, Fashion, and Energy.

That was my new focus.

I want to sell energy because developing ways to enhance the state of our current circumstances by saving resources, cost, and the environment seems like an excellent way to use my energy, re-build my life, and regain control of my circumstances.

Super excited!

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