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Constant overwhelming pressure with zero communication.

I do not authorize or consent to the use of myself or my three minor children,our homes, our property, or our likeness to be used or exploited by anyone for any purpose. I have received several tips and other indications that this may have been happening since as early as 2015. I have never authorized such uses nor has anyone attempted to request authorization for any reason.


I move into a new place I have a 12 month lease in my name. I chose this place specifically because it's the halfway point between where my children live. My youngest is in Chicago with her father and the two older are with their father and his family in the near w burbs.

Prior to the incidents that took place (erroneous order of protection, blatant ignoring by the parole department, and unlawful detainment/random acts of violence taken out on me including a stabbing and being beaten by a man with a tire iron, all terrifying and foreign to me prior to may 2019 and somehow stemming from the release of my then '"husband" Dylan Smith Y12173 ) and denial on a request for OP submitted with video evidence as well as verbal testimony of domestic abuse occuring in the home, I always had my own place where my children and I resided together.

For the past two years I have been stalked, harassed, targeted for no clear reason and exploited sexually and otherwise by people with background knowledge of my situation who in most cases present themselves as an informed party offering assistance with the situation. I have been reporting incidences of rape, imposters impersonating police in uniform while driving unmarked vehicles, dosings, and intentional redirection of messages and calls to my friends and family local law enforcement, the FBI offices in Washington and Chicago, and documenting the entire way with social media live feeds, photos, and video.

The behaviors begin to stop and peace seems like its finally arrived only to have them re-errupt with no clear cause or common antagonist to easily identify.

I have never been placed under arrest or taken into custody for questioning of any kind following the IA hearing in 2017, nor has anyone communicated a reason for these unexplainable events.

My blog postings previously posted have been altered or deleted entirely.

My free time to write has been manipulated and interrupted.

When I finally find a moment of peace and can slow my mind down from the reeling of who is entering my new apartment and stealing random belongings/destroying my property, to write I am forced to relive the exploitative events over and over again only to come back after gaining composure with intention on continuing to write to find the previous entries destroyed, erased, or otherwise altered. If the posts are still up they are littered with hateful comments and false accusations.

When I called the police on January 2, 2022 after waking up to find all three of my locks open I felt obligated to go live on instagram (HLGforever_) my previous IG (1heathergee) where I began my documentation was locked for no clear reason only hours after publishing my blog post titled "Giving Back".

The officer, responding to the call about the locks, arrived and after hearing my complaint of being sexually trafficked, stalked, and harassed in addition to all three locks being opened while I slept, said, "well since you don't have any evidence have you thought of scheduling a doctors appt?"

No one came up to my apartment to look at the locks, take photos, or followed up in anyway.

Now if I hadn't gone live do you think anyone would believe that that had taken place?

Even with the proof being live streamed with over two thousand views, and clear proof that what I am saying is really happening, the comments continue to be those of hate, malice, and supportive of a false narrative questioning my mental health and sanity. When that false narrative is continually perpetuated my justice is obstructed and there is a bias to believe that the comments are true despite the reality of the opposite.

My reputation locally as well as online, is repeatedly destroyed causing me a huge headache in gaining employment or retaining physical custody of my children. I have already been limited to phone contact for the majority of the time since 11/19. Unless intentionally prevented I keep the same schedule and habits and have always throughout this time. I workout, try to eat as healthy as possible, check on my children, check in with family, and clean or organize my apartment. If i'm really lucky I find small periods of peace to zone out and play with make up or create a DIY or other art project.

The day following the issue with the locks being open, (1/3/22) my apartment was entered again during the 20 minutes when I attempted to use the fitness center. Food was missing. The following day after having the locks changed my shower curtain was damaged and $100 cash among other things was missing from my nightstand. The following day I went to file ANOTHER petition regarding custody of my youngest child Alexis, and was still not provided a court date. I will attach the proof of that motion being filed as well as my emails following up with the clerks office immediately after filing and the days that followed.

I have installed security cameras with blink because I feel so afraid of who is entering my apartment while I am sleeping as well as when I am not here but the integrity of the system is questionable at best due to unexplained jams in the internet causing the live feed to be interrupted at various times, mostly when I am away or sleeping.

The two times I attempted to workout on different days and at various times, in the fitness center that has been completely empty all the other times I passed, the same two women follow me in and use the machines immediately surrounding me where I am working out but pretend nothing is going on.

There are also unexplained lapses in time on my security live feed during those two instances.

My internet has been restricted or altogether interrupted multiple times preventing me from emailing, writing, or even googling for phone numbers.

I have recordings of multiple interactions with the phone numbers google provides for FBI field offices in Chicago and Washington, at which point I explained that I have been stalked, harassed, attacked physically and sexually numerous times, and I was hung up on.

There are several gaps of time day to day when I am completely unable to reach my children or the conversation indicates there is something wrong. Phone calls and text messages to my family members have been misdirected or intercepted altogether.

When running verification QA's by comparing screenshots of conversations with family members via text message, we each have different logs with proof of messages being delivered on one end but never being received on the other end.

People are telling my mother that I am continuously attempting to workout at xsport yet I have not returned since my last visit to the addison location last month. I call my mother regularly and even drive by her house to detect any abnormalities yet none of my phone calls to her have been returned and there is still no clear explanation of what I've done (during my time of employment with xsport or over the past year of my membership) to cause problems.

Who is going to xsport using my identity and likeness?

The attitudes of my children go from being overly excited to be back with me in a new home safely together, to not wanting to even visit without provocation or abnormal interaction.

Children are easily manipulated and when fed false narratives they quickly and easily accept and trust that those opinions are real themselves.

Who are the various influences on my children causing their affect, tone, grammar, and attitudes to vary so widely.

How are these people even being given access to my underage minor children in the first place and why do they appear frightened, confused, and even at times annoyed, when I attempt to clarify any of the above concerns with them?

In a conversation with my youngest daughter about two weeks ago, she disclosed inadvertently that she was "downtown with Mike". Even writing this I am fearful that my daughter will be treated differently, punished, or yelled at for disclosing that to me, her mother, but not writing it causes an equal amount of anxiety that she could be in some kind of danger that could be prevented if someone was aware of it.

When I asked who is Mike, she got nervous and quickly dismissed the conversation by saying no one and appeared too scared to disclose anything further.

Small disagreements or miscommunications are intentionally antagonized to create turmoil and resentment between us.

My youngest child's father goes from allowing me open access to visit, bring food, and spend time with my daughter for several weeks and then turns cold and unavailable without provocation yelling, "stop calling and stop asking my daughter questions about who she is with or where she has been."

My children, who are siblings, and were raised in the same household prior to November 2019 have been separated from each other, the oldest two with their father and family and the youngest with her father and family, and their communication limited or altogether cut off.

Anytime I build trust with an agency, police or otherwise, something happens to break it back down and I feel like there is no one worthy of trust. I wish that when I called for help, the problem was verbally identified, acknowledged, and investigated. I would feel more trusting if for any reason the police found my behavior to be concerning, they expressed their concerns to me as a fully functioning and competent adult with a legitimate concern, then offered me guidance on how to handle the situation rather than dismissing me as "crazy" or needing to "schedule a doctor appt"

If my fear caused me to be unable to communicate calmly, and my tears were the reason they thought I was acting "crazy" I would have been much more grateful to have been calmly asked, "do you feel like the stress of this situation could be causing a need for mental health intervention or are you ok?"

I do not feel as though my response to the locks being opened during the night was out of line or an overreaction and I am very confused about why/how anyone would feel the response provided was valid or acceptable.

I feel like anything I do or say is wrong,

I feel isolated and alone,

I feel confused, abused, and ignored.

This is my home, my apartment, my safe space.

In January 2020, after being ejected from the apartment I shared with Dylan and my children and suffering additional physcial, mental, and financial abuses, my only "safe space" the gym was taken from me for no reason.

I have been displaced and forced into various settings and situations and done my best to mitigate them appropriately. It is unethical as well as unlawful to stalk, slander, steal from, and harass a person to a point of mental mush... yet that has been the theme that has been occurring at an unmanageable rate since may 2019. Prior to that I was being extorted to provide information I had no knowledge of or access to and when I attempted to communicate that, my children were used against me by saying, "play ball or we will take your children from you" (2015) fast forward to 2019 and low and behold... they did just that. How was I capable, stable, and dynamic in my career in healthcare administration for more than five years if I am not of sound mind? What could have happened after I left my job at Northwestern Hospital to result in such a dramatic difference in my behaviors and ways of life?

I document as much as possible-but how many thefts need to take place and how many times can I be expected to call the police or anyone for help on these matters before they are acknowledged?

I have obtained 8 various jobs since this all began and within the first few days I've been stalked by someone I knew or know of but have had no relationship or communication with for years. How are these people finding out where I work within a day or two and why do they follow me there and say nothing? Is this an intentional intimidation and if so why?

When these occurrences take place I try to stay calm but after a period of weeks with daily intentional intrusions, thefts, or being followed down the street ALL DOCUMENTED and no intervention who could stay calm? It has been made public by the reality show Love After Lock Up as well as in my numerous public interviews that I have struggled with PTSD as a result of sexual abuse. Since that time every exploitative occurrence taking place against me has been maliciously disguised and dismissed by the world (or a boxed in controlled version of it) as "crazy" "mentally ill" or "dramatic".

What I think is crazy is that this predatory and exploitative situation has been ongoing for such a long period with no intervention or assistance that I am aware of. I'm scared. Whats crazy is that with such overwhelming evidence of each occurrence, the exploitation has continued and that hundreds if not thousands of fake social media accounts have been created and used for the purpose of taking a shot at discrediting me, my experience, and the abuses i've endured by further perpetuating a false narrative of "You need a doctor or you're crazy"

Everything taking place currently has already happened and is a replica of the events that unfolded and began in 2019 when I was violently attacked for the first time and my money was stolen from my car while I was in the hospital being patched up.

On 12/2/21 I paid Cerebral $90 for a month of therapy but was never permitted to schedule, verify my identity, nor was I issued a refund. I ordered multiple items from DH Gate on November 24, 2021 that have still not arrived, and when dropping off my daughter to work in a parking garage a dark Toyota pulled up, a young girl jumped out and waived one of the packages in my face then got back into the car and left. Mysteriously this same package wrapped in black plastic appeared at the house I was staying in the following day. Who would be following me to a residence I had never before visited and what would they have to gain by intercepting the package? To this day Jan 6, 2022 I have still not received the entire order that was paid for in full on November 24. Those items were intended to be samples for an online store I was creating and given to my daughter as a set for Christmas. How many "help" tickets or requests for refund can one person reasonably submit with no response?

I have been dropped into situations I have zero control over and left to fend for myself. I am either alone or surrounded by hatred and intimidation or being intentionally "scrambled" by the same people who show up offering "help" yet i've not been permitted to communicate with anyone I know outside of the immediate members of my family occasionally or given anyone a reason to intentionally cause this distress. I am tired of being emotionally drained within the first hour of the day and I want to be with my family and children.

What do I need to do to remove myself from whatever the fuck is going on here and why aren't these claims -with proof being taken seriously?

Lastly, why are the overwhelming majority of the comments both here on my blog as well as on other various social media platforms all dedicated to further slandering me and made by strangers? I take screenshots before I remove them for proof. Who has that kind of time to create all of these accounts and why does it benefit them to try and cover up the crimes being committed against me unless perhaps the people in the comments have some connection to the exploitation being committed in reality. I have been searching for another answer that makes sense for several years.

I am not permitted enough time to recover from the previous exploitation before another 10 have occurred and then you have the audacity to ask me for more... I am worthy, capable, and deserving of peace and of emotional growth and development. Who would benefit from standing in the way of those things and why?

Heather Gillespie

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