• Senza Nume

Parenting perspective

Being a parent is the most rewarding experience of life.

Children are everything to me.

They give me strength and motivate me to work harder, be better, and elevate my self to continue to evolve into my greatest self.

Children are so pure and beautiful.

Look into their eyes and see so much magic.

I love them so much.

As a parent we don’t always know the right thing to do for our children.

My parenting style is to be honest with my children.

In my early childhood I was not really taught important lessons about life that are practical. My parent did their best under their circumstances and were very young when they had me. They hid a lot of things from me. My sister and I saw them fight and argue but they never discussed it with us.

Parents when you are going through things in life children can feel that. Rather than lying and telling them everything is fine try giving them a version of the truth tailored to their age and level understanding.

I wish I would have been taught realities like how to save money, set up utilities in my name, deal with heartbreak, and most importantly to question everything.

Be truth seekers in a world full of secrets.

That is not the same as being distrustful of everyone and everything, simply they should not take everything at face value for what it appears on the surface.

By living life in this way we are able to protect ourselves from misconception and deceit. We also have a more open minded, accepting, and realistic, compassionate view of the world.

When you ask questions and gather information you are able to make a better and more informed decision. What I want my children to know is that not everyone has bad intentions but there are people living and processing traumas and emotions of their own that could cause them to be inconsistent and ultimately inflict pain. I want to guard my children from pain at all costs and I know that is the goal for most every parent I know, but in doing so we are actually hurting them. It is our responsibility to send our children out into the world prepared. Give the children of tomorrow a chance to be children but ground them and arm them with the truth about life.

I want my children to know first that I am sorry for any time I have not responded to their questions with enough love and patience as they deserve. I think that by apologizing to our children when we make a mistake it humanizes us and only makes for a less threatening and more open line of communication.

Secondly that I am here for them and will love and accept them always. If I disagree I invite them to try and persuade me to believe differently rather than shut down their points of view. I love the perspective "make me see differently."

I have learned all of my greatest lessons in trying and failing. I am not the perfect mother or parent, I am a only human and that’s ok. The lessons I have learned in trying and failing only make me more equipped to provide stability, love, and support to my children for the rest of our lives.

In summary let's send our children into the world better prepared by teaching them:

Ask questions

Love yourself first

Express love often

Be openminded and optimistic

Believe in yourself and trust your intuition

Losing is a part of life but failure only happens when you give up

Fight for your beliefs and for your happiness

Happiness, stability, and love should always be the ultimate goal

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